Czech Splash

Czech is an easy to use program that automatically generates HTML for chess games. All you do is fill in a few blanks and drag-and-drop the chessmen on the board and Czech will generate either one page of HTML for your whole game, or one page of HTML for each move of your game, with links attached to each move that bring up the corresponding diagram.

Czech comes with everything you need to put your games on the Web in no time at all with professional looking diagrams and 100% customization. Using your template files, Czech inserts the score of the game, diagrams from the game and even analysis for particular moves.

Czech generates standard algebraic notation with no redundant or ambiguous information. Czech will also import from and export to Portable Game Notation format in compliance with the PGN standard.

Czech 2.1 now available!

This is a free upgrade for all 2.0 and earlier users.  Features new in this release include:

Complete online help will answer any questions that might arise, but the user interface is simple to use and very self explanatory ("Czech" out this screen shot). Take a look at a famous Bogolyubov-Alekhine game that was prepared with Czech.

A single user license for Czech is US$5.00. You can download a fully functional evaluation copy of Czech (release 2.1) and try before you buy. An earlier version of this software was used by the United States Chess Federation to carry the Kasparov-Deep Blue match live on the World Wide Web.


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