Tierney Family History

This page attempts to list all decendants and siblings of Daniel T. Tierney and Inez E. Hughes Tierney. I have populated the database starting with information given to me from my aunt, Martha Jane Francine Tierney.  My sister, Margaret Mary Zechiel Silvern, has also been a great help in hunting down hard to find data.

The Daniel Tierney Family in July of 1953.

Left to right:
  • John Francis "Jack" Tierney
  • Inez Engracia Tierney
  • Orvine Joseph Tierney
  • Inez Eugenie (Hughes) Tierney
  • Josephine Euphalia Tierney
  • Raymond Joseph Tierney

Below are all names currently found in the database.  To get more information on any decendant, click on that name.  People who have married into the family are found at the bottom of the page.

The data I started working with is skimpy at best, especially concerning Orvine's siblings.  If you have more up to date information, please send it to me and I will put it into the database immediately.  For any people to be added or modified (an ancestor who has passed, a new spouse or children), I would like to collect:

  1. Full name
  2. Birth date and birth place
  3. Death date and death place
  4. Wedding date and wedding place

Please note that when information is missing, you will see [Unknown].  If you can supply that information it is greatly appreciated.

If you have an image that you would like to contribute, please e-mail it to me and I will crop and size it, then add it to the database as well.

I have made it so that the details of the database can only be viewed once a user logs in.  Once you are logged in, your relationship with the person being viewed will display at the bottom of the page.

You must be in the database in order to get an account.  If you would like access to this database, send me your FULL name, your birthdate and your mother's maiden name.  If this matches an entry in the database, I will send you back your login/password via e-mail.

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Blood descendants of Daniel T. Tierney

AbbottAmelia Kathleen Abbott
AbbottJohn Wesley Abbott III
BernierErin Colleen Bernier
CimmiyottiAndrea Jean Cimmiyotti
CimmiyottiClaire Christina Cimmiyotti
CimmiyottiCyd Cecile Cimmiyotti
CimmiyottiGregory Terese Cimmiyotti
CimmiyottiJohn Orvine Cimmiyotti
CimmiyottiKelley Ann Cimmiyotti
CimmiyottiMcKennon T. Cimmiyotti
CimmiyottiNicholas Paul Cimmiyotti
CimmiyottiShannon Marie Cimmiyotti
CimmiyottiTara Ann Cimmiyotti
ClarksonBeckett Robert Clarkson
ClarksonLiv Grace Clarkson
ClingerCatherine Athena Clinger
ClingerMatthew Carl Clinger
ClingerPatrick Andrew Clinger
ClingerXavier Atlas Clinger
CollinsCaitlin Cimmiyotti Collins
CollinsCarlo Cozza Collins
CollinsKevin Michael Collins
CollinsMegameno Michael Collins
CollinsPaul Brooks Collins
CollinsRoma Cozza Collins
CrivelloneAnthony Paul Crivellone
CrivelloneJacob Daniel Crivellone
CrivelloneJohn Gregory Crivellone
CrivelloneMadeline Sage Crivellone
DuffyAlyssa Marie Duffy
DuffyElizabeth Grace Duffy
DutcherCyd Therese Dutcher
DutcherJohn Donald Dutcher
DutcherNora Ann Dutcher
DutcherPatrick Eugene Dutcher
DutcherReese Lynn Dutcher
DutcherTierney Ann Dutcher
EggerBrad Egger
FavelaOlivia Grace Favela
FordGavin Francis Ford
FordJulia Elizabeth Ford
HardwickKaeden Charles Hardwick
HardwickLillian Mauvette Hardwick
HendersonAliya Henderson
HendersonKatherine Michelle Henderson
HendersonSean Mark Henderson
HighleyAbby Francis Highley
HighleyCallie Josephine Highley
HighleyMolly Tierney Highley
HurleyChristie Lynn Hurley
HurleyLori Patricia Hurley
MauerRobin Tierney Mauer
MundyAva Caroline Mundy
MundyChristopher Daniel Mundy
MundyJoseph Patrick Mundy
MundyLuke Christopher Mundy
MundyNathan Roger Mundy
MundyPatrick Raymond Mundy
MurdochElizabeth Marie Murdoch
MurdochKathleen Anne Murdoch
NeerhofGarrett Neerhof
O'ReillyAiro Etuah O'Reilly
O'ReillyColleen Marie O'Reilly
O'ReillyDennis Patrick O'Reilly
O'ReillyForrest Patrick O'Reilly
O'ReillyHallie Lauren O'Reilly
O'ReillyHannah Elaine O'Reilly
O'ReillyJohn Francis O'Reilly
O'ReillyMargaret Anne O'Reilly
O'ReillyMichael Thomas O'Reilly
O'ReillyRyan Patrick O'Reilly
O'ReillyShea Rose O'Reilly
O'ReillyTerrence Michael O'Reilly
O'ReillyTess Catharine O'Reilly
O'ReillyWilliam Thomas O'Reilly III
O'ReillyWilliam Thomas O'Reilly IV
PaneiroNicholas Michael Paneiro
PepitoneElio Felix Cimmiyotti Pepitone
RatashakGeorge Paul Ratashak
RatashakPeter William Ratashak
RoettlawMason Christopher Roettlaw
RuizChristina Marie Ruiz
SilvernMark Nelson Silvern
SkeieEmma Rose Skeie
StoneAnika Rose Stone
StoneScarlette Louise Stone
ThomasEthan John Thomas
TierneyAlexander Mitchell Tierney
TierneyAnn Ruth Tierney
TierneyBarbara Jane Tierney
TierneyCherie Lynne Tierney
TierneyChristopher Hughes Tierney
TierneyColin William Tierney
TierneyDaniel Orvine Tierney
TierneyDaniel T. Tierney
TierneyDanielle Tierney
TierneyDarin Michael Tierney
TierneyEmily Ann Tracy Tierney
TierneyEmma Tierney
TierneyFiona Elizabeth Tierney
TierneyGabriel Dominic Tierney
TierneyGregory Joseph Tierney
TierneyGregory Todd Tierney
TierneyInez Engracia Tierney
TierneyJames Charboneau Tierney
TierneyJames Patrick Tierney
TierneyJames William Tierney
TierneyJeanne Frances Tierney
TierneyJennifer Marie Tierney
TierneyJoan Elaine Tierney
TierneyJohn Daniel Tierney
TierneyJohn Francis Tierney
TierneyJohn Norbert Tierney
TierneyJosephine Euphalia Tierney
TierneyJudith Anne Tierney
TierneyJustin Gregory Tierney
TierneyKaren Jo Tierney
TierneyKelsey Marie Tierney
TierneyKimberly Anne Tierney
TierneyLaurie Anne Tierney
TierneyMadeline Suzanne Tierney
TierneyMartha Jane Francine Tierney
TierneyMary Margaret Tierney
TierneyMary Susan Tierney
TierneyMary Sybil Tierney
TierneyMichael Orvine Tierney
TierneyMichael Orvine Tierney
TierneyNatalie Dorothy Tierney
TierneyNicholas Daniel Tierney
TierneyOrvine Joseph Tierney
TierneyPatrick Gregory Tierney
TierneyRaymond Joseph Tierney
TierneyRaymond Joseph Tierney, Jr
TierneyRebecca Ann Tierney
TierneyRiley Anne Tierney
TierneyRyan Patrick Tierney
TierneySara Jane Tierney
TierneyTraci Rae Tierney
TierneyTresa Ann Tierney
TusharAmelia Christine Tushar
TusharAnnabelle Rose Tushar
TusharHenry James Tushar
TusharTierney Jane Tushar
WamplerJames Kent Wampler
WamplerKelly Margaret Wampler
WhitelawLuke Anthony Whitelaw
WhitelawMary Margaret Whitelaw
WhitelawPaul James Whitelaw
WhitelawSarah Rose Whitelaw
WhitelawTeresa Marie Whitelaw
WhitfordDonna Jean Whitford
ZechielAlexander James Zechiel
ZechielDavid James Zechiel
ZechielEmma Madeleine Zechiel
ZechielJohn David Zechiel
ZechielJosephine Marie Zechiel
ZechielLoretta Ann Zechiel
ZechielMargaret Mary Zechiel
ZechielMartha Jane Marie Zechiel
ZechielNoah Eliot Zechiel
ZechielRegina Ann Zechiel

Spouses of descendants of Daniel T. Tierney

AbbottJohn Wesley Abbott II
BaggettLaura May Baggett
BairdCandace Michelle Baird
BernierJeffery A Bernier
BrittonRi Kovac Britton
BrownStan Brown
BryantDouglas Bryant
BuckmanMae Buckman
ButtsGeoffrey Michael Butts
CarmichaelEleanor Victoria Carmichael
CharboneauSuzanne Marie Charboneau
ChristiansonMichael Jon Christianson
CimmiyottiPaul Conrad Cimmiyotti
ClarksonGeoffrey Clarkson
ClaussenMary Claussen
ClingerGary Michael Clinger
CollinsMichael Brooks Collins
CozzaJessica Lee Cozza
CrivelloneGregory Paul Crivellone
CrosbyPhilip James Crosby
DavisCarrie Lynn Davis
DuffyMichael Joesph Duffy
DunnDorothy Anne Dunn
DutcherCraig Eugene Dutcher
EggerDean A Egger
FavelaDaniel Philip Favela
FigWilliam George Fig
FordJames Gavin Ford
GeisbushJudith Louise Geisbush
GetzKathy Jean Getz
GilkysonCharles Robert Gilkyson
GlassHeather Susan Glass
GreenwoodCheryl Rose Greenwood
HackworthAnja Christine Hackworth
HamptonLaura Hampton
HansenLaura Elizabeth Hansen
HardwickMorgan Emrys Hardwick
HaysBillie Patricia Hays
HeidtSarah Lynn Heidt
HeitmanekKristy Jo Heitmanek
HelliwellSarah Elizabeth Helliwell
HendersonMark P Henderson
HendricksDamien Christopher Hendricks
HerronScott Lee Herron
HighleyWilliam Scott Highley
HildermanCharlotte Elizabeth Hilderman
HoytJessica Lynn Trudelle Hoyt
HuffmanCourtney Huffman
HughesInez Eugenie Hughes
HurleyLawrence Patrick Hurley
JohnsonAlyssa Christine Johnson
MainKimberly Elizabeth Main
MainesMichael Allen Maines
MastersonFranklyn L Masterson, Jr
MaurerIan Richard Maurer
McDonaldJordan Leigh McDonald
MootryKareen Jane Mootry
MundyRudolph Ambrose Mundy
MurdochJohn Marin Murdoch
NeerhofChristopher Bryant Neerhof
O'ReillyWilliam Thomas O'Reilly, Jr
PampushGeoffrey Joseph Pampush
PepitoneAnthony John Pepitone
PugsleySuzanne Dawn Pugsley
RatashakChad Paul Ratashak
RifrediRonald Pete Rifredi
RoettgerJustin Lee Roettger
RosolliniJudith Ann Rosollini
RuizJoseph Anguiano Ruiz
RyanDavid Thomas Ryan
SalasLirio Mayra Salas
SealeZona Elaine Seale
SheeliSylvia Nelago Sheeli
SilvernReid Gordon Silvern
SilversBrian Ernest Silvers
SingerSarah Singer
SkeieCynthia Ann Skeie
SposatoGeraldine Nancy Sposato
StanleyRuth Thelma Stanley
SteiwerSusan Jane Steiwer
StoneWilliam Wayne Stone III
StrouseDion Austin Strouse
ThomasRichard John Thomas
ThomasTerri Sue Thomas
TracyPenelope Ann Tracy
TranJenny Tran
TusharLucas James Tushar
VittJamie Lynn Vitt
WamplerGordon Kent Wampler
WatsonJeannie McKenzie Watson
WestJoel Brainerd West
WhiteLeslie A White
WhitelawKimberly Lee Whitelaw
WhitfordMichael Elbert Whitford
YazzolinoJill Christine Yazzolino
ZechielWilliam James Zechiel
ZilchRose Marie Zilich